Monday, October 18, 2010

A Message to "the Dads"

From one of our SLOCA teachers:

I have been thinking about all of you dads in the past two weeks and the important role you play in your child's education. Each of you participate at different levels in the formal schooling, but all of you are have signed up to be the dad of a homeschooling family. That is a huge job!
I realized you are not receiving encouragement letters each week saying, "Good job going to work everyday and making a living so that your wife can homeschool your children." or "Thank you for showing patience to your wife when she needs to buy "just one" more thing that she is convinced will make all the difference in teaching math, grammar, spelling (you fill in the blank!)." I'm sure you wonder.... How many grammar books, workbooks, paper and multiplication drills can there be? Trust me..... as a former homeschool mom and a teacher.... there is always a new and better way out there.... and we are convinced our life will be so much easier if we could only try it!
It's very similar to my husband's never-satisfied need for yet another foldable, swiss- army knife/tool/ flashlight and if- it- had- a- GPS- all- the- better- gadget!
But in all seriousness, I want to thank you dads who are faithfully doing what needs to be done to allow your children this education. I know many of you travel, sacrifice your wants for those of your family, and then come home to help with computers, printers, bedtime and readings. So thank you, Dads, for all you are doing! I hope there are moments of great laughter, sharing, and "lighting of your own educational fire" throughout the year.

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