Wednesday, September 22, 2010


By: Cozy Faber Parent of two students and Development Director of SLO Classical Academy

Today I want to talk about our teachers.

Every single teacher that we have on our campus absolutely loves to learn! This willingness to learn about new topics, to learn new techniques (not many primary schools are literature based and use socratic questioning) and the flexibility and willingness to step outside of their comfort zones are a foundational requirement for any grade level at SLO Classical Academy.

We have teachers who have a natural ability to see the connections between things— to cross topics and make each lesson meaningful. Our children are learning from teachers who have a holistic mindset and approach to teaching. In fact, they do more than just teach.

The teachers of SLO CLassical Academy carry a great mantle of responsibility— they must be able to see the full spectrum of their kids and be an expert on their classrooms. They must work closely with the parents of every single student, be sensitive to their needs and be comfortable with their role as partner.

Every staff teacher at SLO Classical Academy has a valid California Teaching credential or is more extensively trained in their area of expertise. We have three Doctors teaching at the high school level for example and our Latin teacher is well recognized throughout the country for her work in the field.

We are extremely proud of the caliber of people that make up the staff here at SLO Classical Academy and we work diligently to keep our school a place they are proud to work!

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