Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Academy Class Upate, 09.02.08

New Art Classes:

Teri Brown is teaching a second Middle School Art class from 1:30-3:30. This time the class is opened up to Intermediate as well as Middle School students.

From 11:30-1:30, Raquel Meinke, a wonderful new art teacher who has taught in the local schools and even for some of our own students, has joined us to teach another Intermediate Art Class. She is happy to include Middle School students as well.

Canceled Classes:

Classes that do not make their minimum, will have to be canceled.

We have decided that it is unlikely we will have enough enrolled in our Kindergarten Classes. We have, therefore, canceled - Kindergarten Explorations, Kindergarten Art and Kindergarten Kindermusik. Kindergarten students may join the Primary Classes instead.

Full Classes/Waiting Lists:

Middle School Elections 2008 is full. Those students on the waiting list are in. Mrs. Hawkins said she is up for 20 students in the class!

Middle School/Intermediate Drums and Percussion is full. Waiting to hear if those on the waiting list have been included in the class. Here is a link to the drums that each child will need:
If anyone wants to look into a group discount on the drums, let me know.

There is one spot left in the Middle School Art from 11:30-1:30 with Teri Brown. Middle School students can also take Raquel Meinke's class at 11:30 or Teri Brown's class at 1:30.


Why are so many classes year-long commitments?

Our teachers want to be able to take our students beyond the beginner stages. They have requested having the students all year in order to provide a deeper learning experience. In our efforts to provide a quality enrichment program, we wanted to have this opportunity for the students as well. If the year commitment is too much to consider, sign-up last if there are still spaces available and give it a try for the first trimester.

Even Robotics?

In talking with the robotics instructor, he was excited to teach the students more than just robotics, he also includes computers, physics, electricity, etc. He is also hoping the Middle School students can enter a competition in the spring. So yes, he would love a year-long commitment; however, we have contacted him to talk about a trimester commitment option. Email Kateri if this is an option you would prefer. We also recommend that you do this first trimester, if you have an interest in the robotics classes.

What if my child is unhappy in a class?

No one will make anyone stay in a class when they are unhappy. You are committed to pay through the trimester because we still need to pay our teachers, but you are not obligated to pay through the year.

Can my child switch grades in some of the classes?

First priority is given to those in the class grade, but once the sign-ups are initially done and both tracks given a chance to fill any leftover spots, then those in other grades may sign-up with teacher permission.

Family Discounts?

If having a family discount would allow your family to participate in Academy Classes or would allow your children to take more than one class, please email Kateri. We would like everyone who is interested be able to take Academy Classes.

Between classes volunteers?

We need volunteers to make this happen. There will be a sign-up sheet if you are interested - please include your email address. There is no obligation to do this, but you are responsible for your children between classes.


Sign-ups continue this week through the end of school on Sept 4. On September 5th, spots are opened up to both tracks on a first come first serve basis (i.e. if we have a waiting list for one track, those students will fill the open spots on the other track). If you want to have your child switch grades, email me so that we can talk to the teacher.

Please note - as of Sept 9, if your children are signed up for classes, you are obligated to pay for those classes. We need to have final numbers in order to secure the classes and pay the teachers. Thanks for understanding!

We are always open to questions and feedback. We have made some changes in our program this year because we want to see Academy Classes provide more than just a taste; we want them to be truly enriching.

Please email Kateri at academyclasses@sloclassicalacademy.com

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