Thursday, July 03, 2008

Job Opportunities at SLO Classical Academy

Dear friends -

We are working to fill some jobs here at SLO Classical Academy and would love to have your referrals for the following positions:

1. Dean of Families - this person will be working 4 days a week this year, 3 hours a day with the potential for more hours in future years. We are looking for someone to provide a daily presence with our families and who would work toward accomplishing the following: 1. Establishing relationships with parents and students 2. Providing support and encouragement to these families, and 3. In the context of relationship, would serve to establish accountability and discipline within the school's guidelines as we seek for all to experience the school as a place of safety, consistency and success.

2. Playground Monitor - this person will be working 4 days a week for the duration of the school day. He or she will oversee the playground happenings, playground volunteers, playground safety, playground activities, etc. while providing a consistent relationship with the students, upholding consistent playground expectations for them as well.

3. Playground Lunch Support - this person (or persons, as we are willing to have one person for each track) will provide additional supervision on the playground/s during the lunch hour to provide increased safety for our students.

4. Accountant - we are still looking for someone with experience and flexibility to fill Karen Morton's shoes as soon as possible. Work load averages 4-8 hours per week.

5. Substitute teachers - we are working to increase our list of people who can sub for us and are still working on a long-term sub for Mrs. Dillon (primary, track B). If you are interested or know those who might be, please let us know.

We appreciate you keeping us in mind - with all of the contacts and resources our parents provide, we are sure we can successfully fill these positions soon!

In addition, we have need of the following items as we seek to outfit our office and classrooms. If any of you are getting rid of the following items or perhaps your business is, please let us know!

2 round tables - approx. 4-5 feet wide
2 tall file cabinets
1 low file cabinet (locking)
rolling tv carts – 3 or 4
large rolling cart (for chairs, etc.)

Hope you are having a great week...

Susie Theule

Education is not the filling of a bucket,
but the lighting of the fire. -Yeats


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