Tuesday, April 08, 2008

website updates, 04.08.08

There is a LOT of information on the sloclassicalacademy.com website. Sometimes its a challenge to keep it all up-to-date. We do our best. We always appreciate folks who take the time to send us an "heads-up" about out of date information and typos.

In our attempt to keep up, we just completed lots of website updates, including the following pages . . .

about / who is slo classical academy?
about / how does slo classical academy support families?
about / current leadership
about / typical slo classical academy week

instruction / current teachers

instruction / enrichment classes
instruction / academy classes
instruction / can i do this?
instruction / how it all works?
instruction / parent coaching

resources / slo classical academy audio/video

admissions / enrollment openings

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