Friday, January 25, 2008

a full-contact sport

We are learning to explain participation at SLO Classical Academy as "a full contact sport" and "a lifestyle." Those who surrender and see it as such have a much richer experience.

Here's a great example of what we mean. . . this is our living room, being taken over with giant Sticky Notes filled with character descriptions and sketches, and unknown vocabulary words from our latest historical fiction book I, Juan De Pareja, based on the real-life relationship between the Spanish artist Diego Valazquez and his slave Juanico.

And so, our kids not only are reading great literature, they're surrounded by it. . . . and so are we. Along the way, they are learning history and vocabulary, but also thinking about character. . . who these people are, and who they themselves will be. And so are we!

Its taken a while to get used to this kind of thing around our home, but the impact and life integration are undeniable.

Every family has got to figure out how the SLO Classical Academy lifestyle looks and works for them, but surrendering to the process is vital.

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