Monday, December 03, 2007

shifting gears

Its becoming more and more clear that becoming a Classical Academy Family involves far more than just choosing a school . . . it involves a shift of paradigm in terms of the way you "do family" and think about education. SLO Classical Academy is a lifestyle! This is true whether your coming from either direction . . . from a homeschooling paradigm or a public school paradigm. SLO Classical Academy is different altogether. We're discovering that the families that whole-heartedly embrace this paradigm shift are the ones experiencing the most fun and satisfaction. Those who resist the change or simply can't make the shift, have a much harder time and sometimes just don't survive at SLO Classical Academy. All of this is important to consider as you evaluate if SLO Classical is a good fit for your family.

To get a better idea of what it means to shift your educational paradigm, take a listen to this fantastic lecture given last Fall at the Academy by Andrew Pudewa, entitled Rebuilding Your Educational Paradigm. Andrew is the founder of the acclaimed and nationally recognized Excellence in Writing program and who also just happens to live here on the Central Coast. Andrew serves on our Classical Advisory Board and has a child enrolled at SLO Classical Academy.


SingingMamaDee said...

If you liked this Andrew Pudewa interview, here's another one recorded last January:

Hope you enjoy!

Diane Lockman
The Classical Scholar

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