Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Renaissance Tableau this Friday!

At the end of most trimesters, we try and pull together a climax event that captures and embodies some of what the students have been learning during the just completed trimester. These events have been some of the highlights of the SLO Classical Academy experience. The kids get to see their studies come alive. Everybody is united in the challenge of working toward a goal together. The kids gain the invaluable experience of orally presenting poems, monologues and play parts. Its a ton of work for our teachers and families, but definitely worth it all.

This trimester the students are going to make some renaissance art come to life as they live stage several different art pieces. If you've seen the Pageant of the Masters in Laguna Beach or other such exhibits, you know what we mean. It should be a wonderful Friday morning (8:30 AM -11:00). Don't forget your cameras.

For those of you just exploring SLO Classical Academy, below is a slideshow from last Spring's Renaissance Faire. . . .

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