Monday, November 26, 2007

Julie Schuler is thankful for SLO Classical Academy

Here's another great testimony from a new family at SLO Classical Academy. . .

This is our first year with SLO Classical Academy and I feel so blessed to have this school available to our family. I am a homeschooler at heart and wasn't willing to put my daughter in full-time school for many reasons. I didn't want her under a lot of pressure at such young age which would soon squelch her love of learning. I wanted to be able to modify our teaching style and pace to her individual needs, I wanted to remain a larger influence in her life than her peers. I wanted her to still have free time to enjoy family time as well as time to just play and be a kid. We homeschooled for kindergarten, and while we enjoyed it, there were many creative things I wanted to do with her which were difficult to accomplish on my own. When I attended the information meeting, I knew I had found a great fit for us. Hearing the directors talk about learning through living books, history days, integrated subject matter, strong family involvement, small class size, character development, and fostering the love of learning was really exciting to hear. We would still be homeschooling with all of its benefits, but now in addition we would be enriching her education with all the vision, energy, and expertise that the school had to offer.

We enrolled our daughter in the primary class, and she absolutely loves it. It is her favorite place to be. She adores her teacher and has so much fun with the other kids. She is a very social little girl and I have been impressed with all the children and families that attend the school. It puts a mom's mind at ease to know her child's friends are from families that make their children a priority and invest time in them. It really shows. The school has such a homey, family feel to it and I love seeing all the parents and younger siblings around before and after school. The education she is receiving here is superb. She is excited about learning, enjoys our time reading all the historical literature, and of course the history days are a highlight of the year. One of the big benefits in my opinion is that she still has time to be a kid. She can spend hours playing pretend and letting her imagination and creativity flow. Many times her play involves the things she has learned at school which lets me know she really "got it." Her stuffed animals become the pilgrims on the Mayflower landing in the New World, etc. It's fun to watch.

As you can see, I am sold on the school, it's philosophy, and the dedicated staff and families that make it all happen. We are thankful to be a part of it. -- Julie Schuler

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