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"Friends of" Email Update, 11.11.07

Occasionally, we send out an update to those who have signed up for our "Friends of SLO Classical Academy Email List at our website. Below is the latest update, sent 11.11.07. . .

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Dear Friends of SLO Classical Academy -

You are receiving this email because, at some point, you signed up to be on our Friends of SLO Classical Academy email list. If you are new to this group - welcome! If you have been on the list for awhile and no longer wish to be on the list - just hit reply to this email and let us know you would like to be removed. We will be happy to do that. If you know people who might be interested in being on this list or who have signed up but do not receive this, please have them go to our web site to sign up or sign up again!

It has been awhile since you have heard from us. We have been quite busy with a growing school and the joys and challenges that come with that growth. We are winding down from a very full trimester, and it is high time to give you some quick updates and then make a couple of announcements.

Here are some highlights from this trimester:
• Our 6 returning teachers and 4 new teachers have done an amazing job lighting a fire in the hearts and minds of our students. The kids truly love learning, both in their class and home environment!
  • We have added 60 new students and add more each week.

  • We have enriched our history and literature studies to include a more complete overview of history and to make it meaningful and engaging with the books our students read together with their families.

  • We have added a number of parent support services - including a monthly evening meeting called "PIE nights" - Perspective, Inspiration and Encouragement. We have new classroom liaisons that serve as a bridge between the teacher, the parents of that class and the school. We offered training in various home schooling issues on the first days of school. And we added a Parent Reading Group that meets once monthly to enjoy refreshment and great conversation about the books our children will read right after our discussion.

  • We had our second Fall Classics Fundraiser at Tolosa Winery and it was a fabulous evening. We are still confirming the total raised!

  • We just celebrated our history this trimester with our own Pageant of the Masters - our own Renaissance Art Tableau. Each child's classroom put together a live model of a Renaissance painting complete with the history of the painting, the artist, the important elements of the piece, etc. Photos of the event are now posted at It was an incredible morning!

We continue to be amazed at how our parents, our students and our teachers move forward as pioneers during these early years of our school. We don't have it all figured out, but we feel that what is going on now is exceptional and there are only even better things to come in the future!

Here are a couple announcements for you:

  • At the request of many families, we are starting an Early Registration process, or Waiting List, for the school year 2008/2009. It will begin on November 26th (right after Thanksgiving) and will close on January 31, 2008. Details will be available on our web site beginning that same day.

  • Registration for our current families begins on February 1, 2008, and open registration for new families will begin on March 1, 2008. Parent Information Nights - required for our registration process - will begin in February. Keep you eye on that website for details as they are set in place.

  • Our website is being updated! Please visit to see the new look and many updates! There are calendars, slideshows, updated testimonials,etc. We have more to do and will be updating at least once a week, so stay tuned for more changes. One easy way to check out the latest updates is to click on the "blog" button in the menu bar at the top of the site.

We hope you are enjoying your fall and that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. If you have any questions, you are free to email them to or give us a call at 805.548.8700. We'd love to hear from you!


Susie Theule, Director

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