Thursday, November 15, 2007

Cozy Faber's Surprise

Cozy Faber's story is similar to many parents at San Luis Obispo Classical Academy. Perhaps her experience will resonate with your own . . .

Prior to enrolling in Classical Academy, I never classified myself as a home schooling parent. In fact the entire notion of home schooling was initially very uninteresting to me. I fully intended to languish in the luxury of having my children in school daily for several hours in a row. I anticipated with excitement the number of things I would be able to accomplish without them on my heels every hour of every day. My intention was to follow the "American model" and send my soft and warm five year olds into the cold regime of a questionable system.

As the actual decision making process drew upon our family, we did a fair amount of research and determined that the public education system was not going to be a match for us after all. We also discussed at length the possibilities of schooling the girls on our own. As the primary care taker in our home, I was skeptical about my ability to manage a home school system, make sure my girls were getting what they needed and keep a positive attitude through it all. I didn't think I could do it. We then started looking for private schools in the area and discovered the answer to all of our needs: San Luis Obispo Classical Academy!

By combining a classroom structure along with a home school routine, our family is discovering a love of learning together. We have fun; interact with each other during times of the day where the focus isn’t on getting to the next activity: we are the activity! The other piece to this that is so important is the actual school campus setting. My girls are social and they crave interaction with other children. By having them in classes two days a week, they are able to cultivate this human need. In addition to making friends within their own age group though, they are also learning how to interact with older children and next year will share a mixed age classroom. These kids are confidant around people of all ages; they are polite to each other and to their teachers in a way that I personally have never witnessed in such a broad cross section of age ranges.

We have discovered an answer to every question that we had raised during our search for schools and are nothing but elated with the experiences we have had thus far. --Cozy Faber

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