Saturday, August 13, 2005

08.12.05 Special Update

Hi all -

We thought some of you may be interested in knowing who our teachers are this year, and we are finally in a position to share this information!

This Fall we are delighted to be offering four classes: Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd-4th Grades, and 5th-6th Grades. We are almost full in the 1st and 2nd-4th Grades, and are excited about the year ahead and about the teachers who have committed to partnering with us in the education of our children.

All of our teachers are outstanding educators with classroom experience in their assigned grade levels. They are all life long
learners and are excited about the vision and future of SLO Classical Academy. They are "naturally classical" in nature, and are already pursuing further education in this area. Each of them is a wife and mother who understands the need for balance of home priorities with work priorities. This desire for balance is what has helped us find these talented women who do not wish to work full time anymore. They are a perfect match for our school.

Laurie Ingham: BA in Education from Cal Poly; MA in Reading from Cal Poly. 16 years teaching experience in both public and private settings. Most recently 9 years of Kindergarten.

First Grade
Gail Kniffen: BA in Education from Cal Poly; MA in Curriculum and Instruction from Cal Poly. 21 years in education in both public and private settings. Most recently overseeing home school families through local school district.

Second through Fourth Grades
Donna Weber: BA in Education from UCLA; teaching credential from Cal Poly. 20 years in education in both public and private settings. Most recently teaching specialty classes to home school students.

Fifth and Sixth Grades
Barbara Hawkins: BA in English from Cal Poly; multiple subjects and english credentials from Cal Poly. 12 years in education in both public and private settings. Most recently tutoring home school students.

We will continue to accept new students, even after school starts, until each of this year's four classes are full. We hope you find this information helpful, and wish you all the best as you each pursue your children's education this year in the manner you have deemed best for your family. Please keep in touch!

Lisa Lewis and Susie Theule

"Education is not the filling of a bucket, but the lighting of a fire." --William Yeats

Saturday, August 06, 2005

SlOCA Weekly Email Update, 7/30/05

Friends of San Luis Classical Academy,

We can hardly believe it's the end of July! Where has the summer gone?

We are so excited to say that we are at 29 students! Our goal was twenty students to start the year. Now we have set a cap of 12 per class for the sake of space and management! We have only one spot in the 1st grade class and only two spots in the 2nd - 4th group. We still have room in Kindergarten and 5th - 6th. We have fabulous teachers waiting in the wings to work with all these wonderful children. Once again thank you all for speaking so favorably of what we are bringing to our community.

School Dates & Deadlines
The time to begin our adventure in school together is coming quickly! School commences on Tuesday, August 30th. We are so excited. On August 23rd, we will have our first "back to school" night to get out last minute details, information and to meet the teachers. For those families who have registered, plan to attend if at all possible! More details will come your way soon.

The first monthly tuition is due August 1st. Please send it to the address below if you haven't already done so. Remember, late fees apply after August 4th.

Nonprofit Work
We just received the hard copy of our IRS document allowing us to form a nonprofit corporation with the Federal government. This is good news to have received this document so quickly--only three weeks after the electronic notification of our acceptance. We are hopeful this bodes well for our nonprofit application approval. The faster this comes through for us, the better position we are in to get an excellent site

We will be addressing a list of twenty items which we must respond to quickly and thoroughly. The level of detail required is rather daunting until you stop to consider what we are asking the approval of; the running of a corporation without having to pay state or federal income tax, as well as being an entity that others can donate to and receive tax deductions. The potential for misuse and misappropriation is high and we want to be above reproach, so the details are essential.

Weekly Updates come to an end
Since we are at the end of July and ready to turn the corner toward the new school year, we have decided that this will be the last weekly update for all interested families. We need to focus our energy and attention on getting the year started and getting information to the registered families. We hope these letters have been helpful and informative for those of you who are still considering what your family's schooling situation will be this coming school year (and
beyond). Coming in September we will have our website up and usable and we're looking forward to that as well. If you are interested in keeping an eye on the school this year, please plan to make use of that web site! In addition, we will keep people posted on important information (such as the web site address) through the blog -

And as always, please don't hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns. We will continue to do our best to respond quickly.

Susie Theule and Lisa Lewis

Contact information:

San Luis Obispo Classical Academy
P.O. Box 3601,
San Luis Obispo, CA 93403-3601