Friday, June 10, 2005

What's special about SLOCA?

While our classical focus is the primary distinguishing characteristic of SLO Classical Academy, there are several other items that provide for a unique learning setting.

· A set classical curriculum for in-school and at-home settings in four core subjects (math, language arts, history and science), providing parents with helpful structure to make learning fun and successful.

· A suggested curriculum for studies at home in addition to the core subjects.

· Small classroom size (up to 12 per classroom).

· Focus on each child, allowing for curriculum and assignments to be tailored to child’s interest, abilities and learning style.

· Trained, credentialed teachers who demonstrate a passion for learning and creativity and will ensure that students attain the highest achievement possible within family goals.

· Focus of character development, which naturally unfolds in the context of classical curriculum.

· Strong parental involvement that takes place not only through in-home instruction, but through required volunteer hours at the school (around 6-8 per month).

· The encouragement of “classical home” where reading, creative playtime, interaction, and observation of the world around us is encouraged. Too much time watching television or playing video games is discouraged. Teachers are instructed to respect family time and assign only relevant and necessary homework in keeping with the grade level guidelines.

· The offering of additional special interest courses one day a week.

· A school which is child and curriculum focused rather than test score focused.

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